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Working with MFi

MFi represents many Medfield community non-profit initiatives, eliminating the complexity and time management associated with establishing their own non-profit 501(c)(3).

We understand the unique needs of our town and can provide guidance and financial management to community non-profits. Any non-profit group that is interested in being represented by Medfield Foundation can contact us with questions or view our Community Fundraising Tools to learn how to begin the application process to become an MFi initiative.

MFi also makes donating to Medfield causes and initiatives as easy as possible. Donors can target their contributions across a variety of Medfield causes with complete confidence that 99% of the monies donated are turned over to the targeted charities.

Over the past decade, the volunteer-run Medfield Foundation Inc. has helped raise over $3 million dollars for a wide variety of local causes that directly benefit, enrich and support the lives of Medfield residents.

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