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Pitch It! Grant Program

Funding in 2022 will be available to award! Learn more about Pitch It!


The MFi Legacy Fund is an endowment created by the Medfield Foundation, Inc. (MFi). The MFi Legacy Fund supports community-driven projects intended to support and maintain a vibrant Medfield.  Governed by a Committee of volunteers, we seek to foster initiatives and programs that help to ensure Medfield remains a town of unique character and value. 

Pitch It! is our call for ideas that will enrich the lives of those who call Medfield home. Through our support of Medfield-serving nonprofits as well as town agencies, we can respond to the diverse needs and voices of our community now and into the future.

Future Pitch It! grants will be awarded in 2022. Email to be notified of future programs.


How do I know if my organization is eligible?

  • Initial criteria for participation include:

    • 501(c)(3) tax status as a registered nonprofit organization OR have an eligible fiscal sponsor;

    • Programming that wholly or predominantly serves Medfield residents;

    • compelling current need for the funds and possibly an opportunity to leverage the funds in some material way

Are there priority areas or tracks of interest?

  • While we have an open invitation for ideas, we have identified some areas of particular interest:

    • Youth.  Keeping our youth engaged within the community

    • Seniors.  Ensuring that our senior citizens remain active in town life

    • Community.  Fostering a strong sense of community among all residents

    • Culture.  Extending the rich cultural offerings of our town to every resident

    • Diversity.  Encouraging generosity, tolerance and an appreciation of diversity

    • Environment.  Preserving and enhancing our natural resources

    • Character.  Maintaining the character of the community

    • Access.  Improving access to needed resources and services

    • The Unknown.  Anticipating and addressing unforeseen major issues facing our town in the future

  • We have a strong preference for projects that meet a compelling need in town and projects that have the potential to leverage the funds in some material way.  We prefer that grants not be used for ongoing operating expenses.


How do I submit the application form?

  • We will notify interested participants when our 2022 process is finalized.





What does “pitching” entail?

  • Pitches will be made in person to the MFi Legacy Fund Committee.

  • You are encouraged to bring written and/or audio-visual materials to supplement your presentation, including but not limited to:

    • Details about your organization

    • The project or effort for which you are seeking support

    • The process for monitoring the project if funded

  • All pitches should be no more than 15 minutes, with additional time at the end for questions from the Committee.

Are there resources that we can reference about how to pitch a grant idea?


* Additional questions can be directed to


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