COVID-19 Information

The Medfield Foundation (MFi), your local community foundation, was founded in 2001 to enrich the lives of Medfield residents, build a stronger community, and facilitate the raising and allocation of private funds for public needs in the town of Medfield.

Through the generosity of the Medfield community, we have been fortunate enough to create the MFi Public Need Fund, created in association with the annual MFi Angel Run, to help our residents "in need."

Unfortunately, due to current circumstances, we need to raise additional funds for those in Medfield adversely impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak and its' social restrictions. Many in our community are experiencing hardship due to lack of income, lack of daycare, more people at home that need to be fed, and so much more.

Please consider donating to help your neighbors and your community. Donations can be made online through Network for Good and all funds are managed by social services professionals.

If you have been severely impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak and your family is "in need," we want to help. Please complete our online form and someone will follow up with you. All information is completely confidential.

The Public Need fund helps Medfield residents who are experiencing temporary financial set backs. It is for residents who, usually through no fault of their own, are experiencing financial hardship due to health matters, sudden deaths, job loss, etc. The money is used as a bridge so they can transition from one situation to the next without losing their homes, services, etc. The money in the past has been used for rent, electric bills, car repairs, medical bills, and more. It is for temporary emergency situations. The requests are vetted upon receipt and if they fit our criteria, we pass the requests on to two social workers and a member of the clergy and the three of them administer the funds.


100% of all funds donated to the Public Need Fund go to the public need cause. If you use Network for Good, they take a small percentage for transaction fees. If you send a check, there is no administrative fee. All donations are 100% tax deductible under the law.


On behalf of the Medfield Foundation, thank you to the community for your continued support.

The Medfield Foundation Board of Directors

Evan Weisenfeld, President

Abby Marble, Treasurer

Leanne LaBelle, Clerk

John Byrne

Meghan Foley

Dorrian Cohen Fragola

Betsy Marble

Osler "Pete" Peterson

Todd Trehubenko

Bonnie Wren-Burgess

Kirsten Poler

Pamela Bates

Matthew Parillo