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About MFi


The Medfield Foundation is a 100% volunteer run 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable corporation whose mission is to enrich the lives of Medfield residents, build a stronger community, and facilitate the raising and allocation of private funds for public needs in the town of Medfield.

How We Do It

  • We put on various events during the year to help enrich and improve the lives of Medfield residents including the Angel Run and the Volunteer Awards
  • We offer a Youth Leadership program to help students understand the benefits and power of volunteerism and give them a way to become involved in their community
  • Our variety of funds/initiatives allows each donor to target their donation to the specific community initiative that they want to support

History of the Medfield Foundation

The Medfield Foundation was created in 2001 as a result of a happy confluence between a desire to create something lasting in honor of Medfield's 350th anniversary as a town and the shortfall that always exists between what can be raised by property taxes in Medfield to support town projects and what is needed. During the long debate over the proposed reconstruction of three town schools the seed of the Medfield Foundation was planted, that perhaps there was a shared willingness amongst private individuals to engage in philanthropy for public purposes to make the Town of Medfield a better place for all its residents. That nascent thought, that people in town would be willing to contribute additional monies for municipal purposes beyond their assessed real estate property taxes to facilitate worthwhile causes or to get more in services than their taxes covered, was the genesis of the idea that became the Medfield Foundation. To date this entirely volunteer run entity has raised over $1.4 million for the Medfield projects.


The Medfield Foundation has responded to many needs to date, as it seeks to improve almost every aspect of Medfield life. To date, almost all funds that have been raised have been spent on the specific initiative that has been sponsored, whether it is the Medfield High School evergreen football field, the Dale Street School's playground and outdoor classroom, or the Medfield High School track and bleachers.

Long term, the Medfield Foundation wants to create a larger endowment that will allow the MFi to entertain grant requests, to fund more projects to greater amounts, and to support an even greater diversity of projects for Medfield. Planned gifts to the MFi are the mechanism that will create that endowment over time. The Medfield's residents and their love for their town are the ones that will create that endowment for all in Medfield and for Medfield's future. MFi can accept cash, checks, corporate stocks, bonds, real estate and other financial instruments. You can also use our online donation tool through Network for Good to make a donation.

Annual Reports

Board Members

The Medfield Foundation Board of Directors is comprised of volunteers who help govern and run the organization. Each person is an active member in the community and contibutes in many ways to the overal goals of MFi. The mebers are:

  • Evan Weisenfeld, President
  • Abby Marble, Treasurer
  • Leanne LaBelle, Secretary
  • Osler (Pete) Peterson
  • Kelly McDermott
  • Bonnie Wren-Burgess
  • Jan Rimmel
  • Dorrian Fragola

Volunteer Opportunities

The Medfield Foundation is always looking for members of the community who are interested in getting involved. Here are a few ideas where we could use your help but we are also open to any suggestions. For more information, please complete the online form below.


  • Town meetings - Get involved distributing water and promoting MFi initiatives at Town Meeting
  • Medfield Day Booth - help on Medfield Day to promote MFi and its initiatives - help with set up/breakdown, host game, distribute information, meet and greet . Help with Angel Run Booth and race registrations.
  • MFi's Angel Run - run a subcommittee or volunteer to help during the event itself. Man booth on Medfield Day. Help by doing behind the scenes work leading up to the event.
  • Volunteer of the Year - work with other committed volunteers to promote this important initiative. Get involved in the process, decision making and the event itself. Help fundraise for the event and coordinate all the small things that make this such a great event. Coordinate the day in which the volunteers are honored.


  • Initiate paperwork for new funds and initiatives
  • Keep fund/initiative paperwork up-to-date
  • Write press releases
  • Enhance our PR/Publicity/Marketing
  • Database management of email addresses and donors
  • Web site maintenance - Work with our website manager to keep content current


  • Grant writing - find &/or write grants for our general fund as well as our initiatives
  • Fund liaison - work closely with our initiatives to give support and guidance
  • Fundraising for general fund
  • Volunteer of the Year committee volunteer
  • Search out corporate sponsors

I'm Interested! Please tell me more about how I can become involved with the Medfield Foundation.

Fill out the form below and submit it or print the form and mail it to us at Medfield Foundation, Medfield Town House, 459 Main Street, Medfield, MA 02052


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